No business like snow business….UPDATED!

For the past two months, the news papers have warned us about the ‘big freeze’ which is going to sweep Britain within the next 24 hours and how it is going to be the worst weather we have ever had, but with knobs on. Well Tuesday, Norfolk was finally hit with the arctic conditions that had been promised for so long but never happened. – does it have to be arctic conditions? Can’t it be antarctic? They have penguins and I want penguins. They don’t run as fast as polar bears – Anyways,  I wasn’t so bothered snow is no big deal, right? And that is what I kept telling myself for the entire 6 hours I sat in traffic trying to get home. I kid you not.  6 fucking hours to travel 26 miles. So Wednesday, I had a snow day on account of being both physically and mentally exhausted from the day before. And what to do on a snow day?

Well naturally, Nothing starts the day like a bit of cat tormenting.  Here is Tommy dressed up like one of the cops from his favorite show,  Law and Order.  Seriously, the cat loves it! As soon as the opening titles start, I call him down for a bit of air twanging of the guitar piece…..

tormenting tommy

Then it was time to get togged up all nice and snug and walk into town to do a bit of second-hand book shopping!!

I attempted to take a photo of me and Chris together, but forgot that the camera on my iPhone was only tiny, so I only managed to get myself in.  No matter as I took one of Chris’s happy smiley little face.  He tried to blame the sun for being in his eyes but really, he is just miserable….lol.

snow pics

I found no books I liked the look of, but I did manage to find something so freaking awesome it totally made me forget about sliding and stubbing (and breaking) my toe on a block of compacted ice…….


Also, he has Tourette’s! Only I could manage to find a Dalek that say’s ‘bollocks’. Chris says it sounds more like ‘warlords’ but personally, I think Chris is the one talking complete warlords.


I couldn’t resist the chance to share this with you ….. Now this really puts the ‘business’ in snow business….

A toilet made to look like a ski jump!!

A toilet made to look like a ski jump!!


And just incase you were in any doubt about how it may look when in ‘action’ so to speak…

The Daily Mail have very kindly printed a picture of a Japanese man 'cranking one out'...

The Daily Mail have very kindly printed a picture of a Japanese man ‘cranking one out’…

I really appreciate that….Thanks Daily Mail…..