Just how well did you think that one through?

I think Marketing/New Product Development departments are missing a vital part of the process when they develop and launch a new product. Before a product is placed out there in the market place, any ideas should first be run through an interim department. It should be called the What the fuck? Department” and its primary job would be to spot anything which could potentially cause a company embarrassment but could easily be missed on account of many marketing types having their heads jammed firmly up their own arseholes.

For example:

I found this in my local supermarket.

A cock and balls (with eyes) INSIDE A VAGINA

Now it just looks like someone having oral sex

Yes, this is a genuine product  & can probably be found on a supermarket shelf near you (hopefully the top one).


Winter fun in the WTF department

So, its been a while since the WTF department has had an airing in public.  I thought it was time I opened it’s windows and got rid of that musty smell of fart and cat pee…..If you are not familiar with the WTF department, you can read my original post here. And it really is worth a read, even if I do say so myself. The photos never fail to disturb me every time I see them.   So let’s get down to it with a selection of shit advertisements I have found on the internet and (mostly) Facebook recently…

Good Grief, I should think the hours just fly by at this womans dinner parties…Some people and comedy just should not be allowed.  And if you think this is hilarious, then you are clearly one of those people.. I mean WTF? What TV sleuth is she supposed to be?? Oh, wait…she isn’t the actress that plays Colombo in China or something is she??

If you can see what I can see, I don’t think either of us should be counselling anyone..

Ok, so maybe I could be dyslexic…I could see no benefit to taking Cholera in tablet form

What is the simple trick dermatologists hate? People with the gift of fucking sight, obviously! Not even if I screw my eyes up really tight and peep out of the pin prick holes do I think that this woman looks 33 years old…..If you look close enough, you can see her Zimmer frame in the background…

This diet is easy. All you do is stick this photo of some smug bastard with his “Do you really think you should be eating that?” face to the refrigerator! Hey presto! You drop 7lb in a week….or you kick his smug arse face in, either way it’s a win – win situation.

No Facebook! Just NO!! This is wrong! This person is NOT HOT!! and looking at him, I was just a bit sick in my mouth. Whoever wrote this ad has no idea what women want and probably doesn’t even know what a vagina looks like, never mind a clitoris…….Or though does have a good idea of what a total cock looks like…evidently.



Apparently you can now train to counsel people who have ugly babies too. I apologise if this child happens to belong to anyone I know because that is one butt ugly kid and you have my deepest sympathy. But hey! stay positive, plastic surgeons take patients as young as 16 now…