Apologies to all of the non Lawsbians amongst us, but I think this little critter is one of ours….

I was aimlessly thumbing through – does it still class as thumbing through on an iPad? the shenanigans of the z list celebs and I was alerted to this headline..

Immediately filled with fear that it was an escapee from Lawsbian towers, my fear was confirmed when I saw this…

I couldn’t believe it! It’s only Beryl Monkey! I had said soooo many times before, if we don’t stop Beryl and her love of alcohol then we will have problems, but would anyone listen?? Oh no!

True to form, Beryl polishes off the Cab Sauv and then starts shoplifting spirits for one of her famous cocktails….I think I better hide the washing up liquid..we all know what happened last time, she was farting bubbles for a week and her trumps had a distinct citrus fragrance..Mind you, the toilet bowl was sparkling

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  1. My brother’s first college roommate once drank soap. He was, in all likelihood, completely stoned, but he insisted that whatever my brother was pouring in his glass must be good stuff. Unfortunately for him, my brother had been filling the glass with soap to take to the communal sink to wash up. I don’t know about the citrus bubbles, though.

    • Pahahaha! Actually, my mum once made me drink soap water after she heard me use a swear word when I was about five years old. From what I can remember it wasn’t too pleasant…lol 😝

  2. I think all monkeys should have the right to drink whatever they want in whatever quantities. Because THEY DON’T DRIVE! (usually) so the drinking and driving thing? NOT a problem.

  3. I would like this monkey. I feel so lonely when I’m the only one sprawled across the floor with three empty bottles lying beside me. But it would have to share.

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